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  • Lifehouse Everything DramaLifehouse Everything Drama
    Band: Lifehouse Song: Everything How to get vid: or email me... God is ALL POWERFUL!his313372010-10-01T21:03:089,413,638 views00:05:34
  • Newsboys - Something BeautifulNewsboys - Something Beautiful
    Awesome music video of "Something Beautiful" by Newsboys.doctorbob2008-03-17T00:00:0061,258 views00:04:16
  • Amazing GraceAmazing Grace
    A stirring rendition of the song "Amazing Grace"believe8362008-03-17T00:00:0052,660 views00:08:54
  • LoveLove
    This video depiction of the Apostle Paul's explanation of love found in 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 is available as a download at http://www.ads4christ.orgads4christ2008-03-17T00:00:006,949 views00:01:20
  • ForgivenessForgiveness
    Our God graciously forgives those who trust in Him and in His Son when they confess their sins. Video is available as a download at,571 views00:01:15
  • The MirrorThe Mirror
    The importance of attitude when facing illness. Video is available as a download at,004 views00:01:55
  • How Much?How Much?
    Jesus demonstrated just how much He loves us when He went to the cross to pay for our sins. Video available as a download at,367 views00:00:42
  • WorryWorry
    Jesus bids us, His followers, to refuse to give in to worry. Video available as a download at,292 views00:01:54
  • The CrusadesThe Crusades
    Many are misinformed about the crusades. This video attempts to set the record straight. Video is available as a download at www.ads4christ.orgads4christ2008-03-17T00:00:002,964 views00:02:04
  • InheritanceInheritance
    God says it is our job to be outrageously loved. He loves you 100% as you are right now. A powerful word spoken by Graham Cooke and music by Jonathan David Helser...believe truth about how God sees you and His outrageous love for you. Some of t...vordererika2008-03-17T00:00:00149,133 views00:08:41
  • The ShroudThe Shroud
    Many believe the Shroud of Turin to be the burial cloth of Jesus. Whatever you believe, it points to the truth that our Lord Jesus truly rose from the grave and is alive today. The Shroud is available as a download from,163 views00:02:09
  • Amy Grant - Lead Me OnAmy Grant - Lead Me On
    Music Video for Lead Me Onamy-grant2010-10-01T22:49:3557,997 views00:04:13
  • MohammedMohammed
    Was Mohammed a man of peace or violence? You decide! Mohammed is available as a download from,858 views00:01:24
  • Do You?Do You?
    God loves us! He proved it when He sent His Son to Die for us. The question is, do we love Him? Do You is available as a download from www.ads4christ.orgads4christ2010-10-01T22:59:012,281 views00:01:05
  • CreationCreation
    The heavens declare the glory of God! Creation is available as a download from,773 views00:01:17
  • ChoicesChoices
    Is there a heaven? A hell? Either we choose to believe what the Bible says about it, or we choose to believe whatever we want. There are no other choices. Choices is available as a download from www.ads4christ.orgads4christ2010-10-01T23:03:124,102 views00:01:08