Gentri Band


Gentlemen Trio Performs Hymn 'Abide With Me' - Christian Music Videos

The talented men of GENTRI always find a way to pick the most beautiful songs to showcase their amazing vocals. And time after time, they continue to impress with their performances. Today, they are performing the classic hymn 'Abide With Me' and it's absolutely incredible. Sometimes, we may feel like we have moved into the darkness and there is no way to come out. But remember that the Lord is always by your side and there's nothing you can't do with His strength and love surrounding you. He is truly our light in the darkness and God will always be there to guide us home. I'm so glad that these powerful lyrics remind us of just how amazing our Lord truly is. GENTRI knows exactly the right words to worship His name and I always enjoy hearing their voices come together for His glory. What is another one of your favorite hymns to hear that fuels your soul?