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  • Mercury Morgan: 'Leap of Faith' Epic Stunt VideoMercury Morgan: 'Leap of Faith' Epic Stunt Video
    On June 20th, 2015 Mercury Morgan (Ringling Brothers Circus, "That's Incredible") jumped his bicycle over the Helimission helicopter and through a burning wall, in Belfast, NY. We captured the action with 14 cameras, including a GoPro strapped to ...andrewmanzano2015-07-17T13:54:587,330 views00:02:06
  • Get in the Game (Father's Day)Get in the Game (Father's Day)
    Children have the most amazing imaginations! What if we could see what they see? This Father's day video gives us a hilarious, action-packed view into a father/son game through the imagination of a child.andrewmanzano2015-06-02T14:37:282,465 views00:04:59
  • The Great ExchangeThe Great Exchange
    Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice for us when he died on the cross. And this powerful spoken word is just in time for Easter. AMEN!andrewmanzano2015-03-21T21:04:0315,543 views00:03:50
  • John Elefante- This Time (OFFICIAL VIDEO @JohnElefante)John Elefante- This Time (OFFICIAL VIDEO @JohnElefante)
    Former "Kansas" lead singer and producer John Elefante is using his newest single "This Time," to share the story of his adopted daughter's birth, and in the process, bring some attention to Online for Life (OFL), an educational non-profit working...andrewmanzano2013-09-16T14:29:2423,996 views00:05:42
  • Church Invite: Children Teach Us a Sweet LessonChurch Invite: Children Teach Us a Sweet Lesson
    What can we learn from children? Inviting your neighbors to church through the eyes of child. From the producers of the original Invite videos, a brand new video to add to your collection.

    Download here:
    andrewmanzano2013-07-17T13:34:0423,635 views00:02:17
  • The Biblical SuspectsThe Biblical Suspects
    A fun new video for Easter interrogating the "suspects" in Jesus' death. Guaranteed smiles and laughs as the past events and the promise of His future return are seen through the eyes of The Biblical Suspects and The Investigators.andrewmanzano2013-02-27T19:29:188,900 views00:03:47
  • UnchangedUnchanged
    Are you going through the motions of life, this brand new video challenges the viewer to make 2013 the year of change. Featuring the music of John Elefante.andrewmanzano2012-12-26T14:34:064,865 views00:02:42
  • American ResolutionAmerican Resolution
    It is time to make your New Year’s Resolutions. This year make an American Resolution. andrewmanzano2012-12-26T14:29:062,388 views00:02:43
  • If...If...
    What is the “IF” that keeps you from committing to God?

    Download here:
    andrewmanzano2012-10-10T00:24:1413,583 views00:01:36
  • Faith and FreedomFaith and Freedom
    A rockin' new 4th of July video featuring a brand new song "Faith and Freedom" by John Schlitt, former lead singer of Petra. Purchase the soundtrack here htt...andrewmanzano2012-06-18T11:34:1112,218 views00:02:21
  • My Dream Father's DayMy Dream Father's Day
    What would your Dream Father’s Day look like? Ever dream of driving your kids crazy? A fun video of just what it might look like. This video is available for purchase at andrewmanzano2012-05-15T00:34:0589,866 views00:03:05
  • Hero MomHero Mom
    This touching video celebrates the heroic everyday actions of our moms. Buy it here:,015 views00:02:10
  • Mom You Are BlessedMom You Are Blessed
    A Mother’s Day video guaranteed to bring smiles and giggles as children share their thoughts about what it means to be a Proverbs 31 mom. Buy it here: andrewmanzano2012-05-07T16:49:0511,349 views00:02:16
  • A Child Is WatchingA Child Is Watching
    This video shows us how everything we do is seen by the children around us. Be the good in the world a child is watching.

    Buy here: http:...
    andrewmanzano2012-04-25T23:54:0512,533 views00:01:38
  • John Elefante Private Performance!John Elefante Private Performance!
    I was in John Elefante's home in February, 2012 filming for his Kickstarter campaign (see After the filming, John went upstairs and sat down at the piano. I had to film it! He played "Islands In The Sky." He just gave me permiss...andrewmanzano2012-03-11T22:17:464,076 views00:03:22
  • Christmas MiracleChristmas Miracle
    This touching short film encourages us to bless the less fortunate over the holidays. We can be the vehicle for a major blessing in the life of someone we see everyday! Even if you don't download this video, take a moment to watch it and let God t...andrewmanzano2011-12-11T20:44:0622,267 views00:04:30