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  • Baby Got BookBaby Got Book
    It was created by Dan Smith while he was working at New Life Christian Church (Centreville, VA) for a Sunday morning sermon.

    Dan's personal website is, and user...
    jaser72008-03-17T00:00:001,364,244 views00:04:25
  • Fox Poll BackfiresFox Poll Backfires
    April's Fools Day came early for FOX News this year. When their goofy poll came up with unexpected results, they tried to fudge the numbers. Listen to her nervous laughter at the end.samuel12008-03-17T00:00:006,916 views00:01:04
  • "Higher Ground" music video Catherine Hilton
    The third music video from my HIGHER GROUND CD. This song is about how the Lord Jesus Christ has changed me and I am no longer in a dark pit, but I am walking with Him on higher ground "feeling free to look around." All the glory to Jesus! Enjoy! ...catherinehilton2008-03-17T00:00:009,634 views00:03:57
  • Dr. Ted Baehr reviews The Case for ChristDr. Ted Baehr reviews The Case for Christ
    Dr. Ted Baehr with reviews The Case for Christmovieguide.org2008-03-17T00:00:007,814 views00:01:59
  • Atheistic Jokes IIIAtheistic Jokes III
    Atheists are self-refuting people in need of God and humormikerobinson12008-03-17T00:00:003,270 views00:01:26
  • Comb overComb over
    what happens when a boy does his hair a certain way?getthepix2008-03-17T00:00:005,014 views00:01:58
  • Peace Like a RiverPeace Like a River
    Playing the popular tune "I've got peace like a river" using traditional Korean instruments.
    Good News Community Church
    Seoul, Korea
    yjk3162008-03-17T00:00:007,346 views00:02:23
  • Isle of CRU RemixIsle of CRU Remix
    A remix to the remix presented before devo time at our CRU spring break trip called "Isle of CRU" where the theme for the week was Matt. 5:13-16natnre2008-03-17T00:00:002,136 views00:00:49
  • Guardian AngelGuardian Angel
    Children songsget-activated2008-03-17T00:00:009,736 views00:02:10
  • KJ-FiveTwo by KJ-52KJ-FiveTwo by KJ-52
    Music Video to KJ-Five Two by KJ-52theheykid2008-03-17T00:00:005,559 views00:03:51