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  • Amazingly Inspirational - Tony MelendezAmazingly Inspirational - Tony Melendez
    Tony Melendez, english subtitles, vd.selfip.comjuvdm2008-03-17T00:00:00134,045 views00:05:59
  • A Truely Inspirational StoryA Truely Inspirational Story
    Born in 1992, Ben Underwood was just 2 years old when cancer claimed his eyes. Both were surgically removed. It was a day of heartbreak for his mother, Aquanetta Gordon.

    And when he woke up from his surgery Ben said, 'Mom, I can't see a...
    rickshepherd2010-10-02T00:45:513,242 views00:14:32
  • Ergun CanerErgun Caner
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    Ergun Caner, the dean of Liberty Baptist Seminary, is a former Muslim and discusses coming to know Jesus.
    libertylaw2008-03-17T00:00:00111,221 views00:24:55