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  • False TeachersFalse Teachers
    The Bible calls Christians to deal with, not dismiss false teachers. But...who are the false teachers?
    ads4christ2011-01-31T10:10:161,355 views00:07:16
  • Amazing GraceAmazing Grace
    The story of John Newton who penned the words of a song that will be sung until, and most likely after our Lord Jesus returns--Amazing Grace!
    ads4christ2011-01-28T08:25:30863 views00:02:18
  • What About Pets?What About Pets?
    What about Pets? Do we have reason to hope they go to heaven?ads4christ2011-01-27T09:00:28919 views00:08:18
  • Least Of TheseLeast Of These
    Whatever you did or did not do for others, you did or did not do for Christ!
    ads4christ2011-01-27T08:50:44794 views00:01:23
  • CriticsCritics
    The crusades! The Inquisition! The Salem witch trails! Sexual abuse by clergy! If this is what Christianity is about...I don't need it, and I don't want it! So say some critics of Christianity. What do...YOU...say? ... (more info) (less info)
    ads4christ2011-01-24T10:02:15743 views00:06:56
  • Are You Ready?Are You Ready?
    What are the odds of an asteroid or comet striking the earth? The answer? 100%! (Rev.8.8,9). Question: "Are you ready?"
    ads4christ2011-01-21T07:15:091,531 views00:07:13
  • Ads4Christ.OrgAds4Christ.Org
    Ads4Christ.Org is the Intro for the Ads4Christ Video ministry. We hope you'll drop by and check us out!ads4christ2011-01-20T20:05:08828 views00:01:37
  • ApocalypseApocalypse
    Apocalypse is a video depiction of the events that may occur just prior to the return of our Lord Jesus. CORRECTION: In the 9th calamity, Nuclear Winter, 1/3 of the light from the sun, moon and stars will be diminished, not 2/3's. NOTE ALSO: we wo...ads4christ2011-01-15T09:20:041,345 views00:09:22
  • Who Needs God?Who Needs God?
    Who needs God? Physicist Stephen Hawking one. that true?ads4christ2011-01-11T20:28:431,230 views00:03:34
  • SexSex
    What does the Bible say about sex?ads4christ2011-01-09T17:33:01210,688 views00:07:18
  • Why WorshipWhy Worship
    Some Christians believe that public worship is optional, that true? What does the Bible say?ads4christ2010-10-02T02:17:231,031 views00:03:09
  • The Lord's Prayer-AThe Lord's Prayer-A
    There has never been, nor will there ever be a prayer like "The Lord's Prayer," for it was first spoken by our Lord Jesus in response to His disciples' request, "Teach us to pray." . We hope you'll listen first to the explanati...ads4christ2010-10-02T02:16:231,279 views00:09:10
  • The BibleThe Bible
    Of all the books every written, one alone is truly--UNIQUE!ads4christ2010-10-02T02:15:10764 views00:06:13
  • The BibleThe Bible
    Of all the books every written, one alone is truly--UNIQUE!ads4christ2010-10-02T02:15:07679 views00:06:13
  • Forgive MeForgive Me
    If as a Christian, we still sin, can we be forgiven?ads4christ2010-10-02T02:14:021,187 views00:04:15
  • Psalm 103Psalm 103
    Let us praise our God for He has richly blessed us!ads4christ2010-10-02T02:13:43942 views00:02:37