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  • Life's Greatest TruthsLife's Greatest Truths
    What are life's most important questions? Here's one: "If you were to die tonight would you wake up in heaven?" Another? "If you were to die tonight and stand before God and He were to ask you 'Why should I let you in My heaven--what would you say...ads4christ2014-05-03T08:23:30465 views00:03:36
  • Have You Ever Wondered...?Have You Ever Wondered...?
    How did things get to be the way they are? Is there "someone" behind it?ads4christ2014-04-26T09:26:45611 views00:02:43
    If God created LIGHT on the first day of creation, and the SUN and MOON on the fourth...what was the light on the first day? ads4christ2014-03-28T16:38:58567 views00:01:10
    Thank GOD He has provided a way to heaven! One way! Faith in Jesus Christ!ads4christ2014-03-15T12:10:05507 views00:01:14
  • The Sands of TimeThe Sands of Time
    Are we making the best use of our time as Christians?ads4christ2014-03-10T13:34:49483 views00:01:28
  • DinosaurDinosaur
    Evolutionists say dinosaurs became extinct 65 million years before man evolved. If so, man never saw a dinosaur. The Bible clearly implies that man DID see dinosaurs. So...who's right?ads4christ2014-02-01T16:08:44795 views00:07:27
  • Afraid?Afraid?
    AFRAID? (Psalm 46)ads4christ2013-12-07T15:44:06463 views00:00:41
  • Praise The Lord!Praise The Lord!
    Let us give thanks and praise our God for Who He is and for all He has done for us! (This and hundreds of other videos may be freely downloaded from our website: views00:02:10
  • A RoseA Rose
    "A baby by any other name is a..."ads4christ2013-09-23T14:34:05505 views00:02:15
  • ConscienceConscience
    HOW'S YOUR CONSCIENCE? (This and hundreds of other videos are available as free downloads from the STORE page of our website: Our e-book novels: "Cadaver" & "Angel" are also available at all major e-book retailers. We hope you'll c...ads4christ2013-08-25T12:44:051,235 views00:05:23
  • Evolution OR Divine CreationEvolution OR Divine Creation
    Evolutionary science says the world created itself; the Bible says God created it. What do you say? (This and hundreds of other videos may be freely downloaded from our website: Also, if you enjoy Christian suspense novels, ple...ads4christ2013-08-19T12:19:04995 views00:02:19
  • PersecutionPersecution
    As we near the return of Jesus, persecution of Christians will increase. Nowhere is that more evident than in the military!ads4christ2013-08-12T20:54:051,069 views00:03:10
  • Love Your EnemiesLove Your Enemies
    God calls all Christians to love our enemies, but...what does that mean? And, how can we do it?ads4christ2013-07-31T19:34:042,784 views00:02:53
  • AngelAngel
    "Angel" is our latest Christian e-book novel, soon to be available from all major e-book retailers. We hope you'll check it out. Either way, have a blessed day!ads4christ2013-07-19T15:44:05625 views00:01:41
    God bless America!ads4christ2013-07-01T13:29:04485 views00:04:11
  • Real Inconvenient TruthReal Inconvenient Truth
    A Christian response to Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth"ads4christ2013-06-22T12:19:09733 views00:04:47