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  • Incredible Sand PaintingIncredible Sand Painting
    And man was made at His own image.challengeministries2010-10-01T23:45:3039,956 views00:05:15
  • Passover Exodus Story Told With Web 2.0Passover Exodus Story Told With Web 2.0
    The Passover Exodus story is told through Google, Facebook, and Skype.alegator212011-04-05T19:18:0722,192 views00:02:09
  • Cardboard Testimonies - So inspiringCardboard Testimonies - So inspiring
    These stories of redemption will bring tears to your eyes. Share your story of God's grace in your life in the comments!
    sand2rock952011-08-05T01:35:1050,658 views00:04:28
  • Christian AtheistChristian Atheist
    It’s easy to say we believe in God, but often we live our lives as if we don’t. It’s easy to take what we want out of being a Christ-follower, as if much of the scripture doesn’t apply to us. Comes with a bonus blank version. Buy here: journeyboxmedia2011-08-20T14:14:1428,320 views00:01:39
  • Flying SoloFlying Solo
    Some things should not be attempted alone, and your spiritual life is one of them.worshiphousemedia2011-09-21T01:24:1547,332 views00:01:27
  • Paper HeartPaper Heart
    My heart was a rock. Using only construction paper and stop-motion animation, this simple video tells the story of a heart transformed from stone into one that beats for God and those he loves. Buy now: shiftworship2011-10-18T11:54:3719,977 views00:02:27
  • Dry BonesDry Bones
    The passage comes from an Old Testament prophecy, taken from Ezekiel 37. Not only is the text extremely descriptive and visual, lending itself to beautiful imagery, but show that where there is death and exile, hope and life can be found. By Dan D...alegator212011-10-26T17:44:2372,023 views00:01:40
  • The Evangelism Linebacker - METhe Evangelism Linebacker - ME
    The Linebacker is a team player baby! It is game time and he is no mood for selfish ambition, he is fed up with narcissism and ready to take a stand. BOOYA…the Me Linebacker is a man with a plan.

    Buy here:
    worshiphousemedia2011-11-02T01:29:2137,794 views00:02:58
  • 10-Year-Old Blind Autistic Boy Sings Open the Eyes of my Heart 10-Year-Old Blind Autistic Boy Sings Open the Eyes of my Heart
    This will make your heart sing! Born premature, blind, and autistic, Christopher Duffley was adopted by his parents before they realized God has gifted him with the gift of music. His heartfelt and powerful performance will lift your spirit today!...duffley2011-12-11T21:04:06670,674 views00:08:39
  • Christopher Duffley sings Moving Performance of Lean on MeChristopher Duffley sings Moving Performance of Lean on Me
    Christopher Duffley moves the crowd to tears with his performance of Lean On Me.duffley2011-12-12T01:34:0645,615 views00:05:21