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Judgment and Obedience
Are you more concerned with pleasing people than God?

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Blessed are the Meek



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  • Show Me More of You
    Show Me More of YouMany of us feel we are out of touch with God; if we are being honest with ourselves. I was, and I do feel like this occasionally, and wrote this song...enjoy; although I'm a little rusty - first time singing and playing for almost two years...eeee...youareworthit2010-10-02T02:22:211,199 views00:03:30
  • 7 Minutes Can Change Your Life #2
    7 Minutes Can Change Your Life #2After twelve years of online research, determined to find a solution to resolve the fundraising cycle craze, a residualized formula is available, if and when only it is not abused.youareworthit2010-10-02T02:10:11778 views00:10:26
  • Josh Edwards 15 years old
    Josh Edwards 15 years oldA young man of 15 years (16 as of April/09), who has no trouble sharing why he walks by faith as a Christian in Christ's name; A senior youth leader at the Salvation Army Kingston (Ontario, Canada) Citadel.youareworthit2010-10-02T00:34:401,933 views00:05:02
  • I like the new me
    I like the new meA new song and approach for me, Kevin,...The idea is that someone is not quite sure if what they are experiencing is really God, or perhaps a figment of their imagination, but they like what is happening. After realizing it is for real they praise...youareworthit2010-10-02T00:10:362,306 views00:02:49
  • Praise be to God
    Praise be to GodA contemporary Christian worship song based on Ps 145:1-2, 66:20, 28:6-7. He never rejects our prayers or withholds His love; He hears our cry for mercy; He is our strength so we can trust in Him by faith.youareworthit2010-10-02T00:10:362,398 views00:02:54
  • 22 Years behind bars
    22 Years behind barsBrian Turner...22 years of his 38 year old frame has been spent behind bars...listen how God called him to his knees just 6 months ago and today on the verge of true freedom with his family, in church; blessing after blessing.youareworthit2010-10-02T00:10:312,422 views00:18:45
  • Trail prayer & encouragement
    Trail prayer & encouragementDoes God's countless blessings always have to come in the form of finances for us to be overly joyful and thankful; not in a million!

    Couldn't resist sharing a walk on the K&P trail, prayers of thanks and encouragement to all; God is ju...
    youareworthit2010-10-02T00:10:142,720 views00:07:06
  • Father, Here am I use me
    Father, Here am I use meThey say, you can take the man out of country, but you can't take the country out of the man; which brings us into a unique cross-over type worship music for Him.youareworthit2010-10-02T00:08:081,755 views00:03:34
  • Glory to His Name
    Glory to His NameI've always loved the traditional version of Glory to His name, however, today, was a whole new day and way of needing to worship Him, share it with the world, in hopes that they too, if not already, or have had some serious struggles out of fello...youareworthit2010-10-02T00:03:382,071 views00:03:54
  • Humble in Him
    Humble in HimA wonderful and talented friend is caught up in the moment; I was there before picking up my bride and thought, hey, why not video this. It's not so much the perfect moment as it is the thought that there are probably thousands just like Glen, aro...youareworthit2010-10-02T00:02:241,873 views00:05:20
  • Jesus Cares
    Jesus CaresJesus cares written by Kevin Melville Simpson Feb 03 2006 is dedicated to those who have been told that they will amount to nothing; that they are no good and/or a waste of time and God does not make junk. Jeremiah 29 verse 11 for starters is proo...youareworthit2010-10-02T00:00:521,925 views00:04:46
  • I appreciate you
    I appreciate youThis song has an unknown author...great tune in giving adoration where adoration is due; He who placed the breath within us all.
    We are first introduced to our 'Heavenly Father' ...
    We are then introduced to the 'Son' ...
    Finally, w...
    youareworthit2010-10-01T23:56:112,041 views00:03:44
  • All for you
    All for youBased on Psalm 23; I live for today and also in the excited anticipation of experiencing what it (Ps 23) proclaims re; still waters and green pastures. The 'New Jerusalem' (Revelation 21), is something that we can all look forward to; perfection a...youareworthit2010-10-01T23:51:002,435 views00:05:10
  • I need you
    I need youAnother original from way back...youareworthit2010-10-01T23:50:552,379 views00:04:00
  • I love you Lord
    I love you Lord2nd verse added by self (Kevin Melville Simpson)youareworthit2010-10-01T23:50:552,423 views00:03:37
  • Amen
    AmenOriginal...first attempt at video tapingyouareworthit2010-10-01T23:50:502,204 views00:03:39