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Taking on Too Much
What are you trying to take on that only God can do

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Galatians 2

This chapter starts with time lines then switches to how some of the Jews were trying to force the gentiles under the law. How the Jews never lived up to the law but expected the gentiles to follow it. You might need a scorecard to keep the players straight.

Teaching starts 2:22

The Greek word ioudaizo 4:41

Which James 9:00

Held In high regard 13:31

The goal of those who preach the law. 18:00

You are to be blamed 25:00

As a leader you never want to lead the folk astray but keep them on the word 30:00

As members of the church of the body we beyond the limitations of the law 34:00

We are not subject to any law for salvation once we are born again 38:30

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