James a Lesson in Receiving Revelation Part 1

James a lesson in receiving revelation. Some people say that there is very little instructional information on the manifestations of the spirit in the Christian writings. Is this study we're going to take a look in the book of James. His instruction on getting Revelation from above is Paramount for the Christian to understand when walking in the spirit.

Teaching starts 3:14

James the heart of receiving revelation 5:17

Our fellowship that we have with God will be displayed in our fellowship with each other 9:45

Can we pray for God to take away all our problems and expect it to be done? 14:30

Double mindedness in James is it the same as in Psalm 119 19:50

Our message is not yes and no 25:02

The foolishness of God is wiser than the wisdom of men 29:30

Don't accuse God of tempting you 34:10

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