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Sorrow and Selfishness
How can you begin to shift your focus away from self-reliance to reliance on Christ?

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Somebody Prayed for Me R. Sterling arr. Leonard Ballantine

October 11th, 2015 in The Pas Living Water Apostolic Fellowship at The Pas, MB. This can be found in American Soloist Album No 8.

The words to the beautiful arrangement:

When my heart was so broken that I could not pray,
When love wasn't easy to see, someone was there,
Somebody cared, somebody prayed for me.

Somebody went to the throne of Heaven somebody lifted my nae,
Bringing me into His Holy presence, saying what I could not say.

Somebody showed me the face of His mercy when darkness was all I could see,
Somebody pleaded the Blood of Jesus, somebody prayed for me.

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