Completely His (Sermon Jam)

This video jam titled "Completely His" comes from a sermon preached by Reverend Dr. Vincent G. Artese "I Am Not Alone".
The joy of a disciple is not based on circumstances but on likeness to Christ. As a woman is in labor pains before the death of a child so is the disciple who is having Christ birthed in them. This produces holiness and likeness to Christ. Those who go on by faith through sanctification have a similar “near death” experience. Each believer is brought to sanctification and fullness of joy by continuing on in faith in God. In order for a Christian to experience this they must adapt to God’s standard, consecrate themselves to His sovereignty, and remain completely His. The standard of God is to be like Christ. We must be doers of the Word. Jesus always did what the Father commanded Him. Christ is our teacher and we should do what He says. As a Christian God is the head of my house, Christ is my Lord and Master, I do not listen to the advice of the world, and I live by faith. I press on and Christ will not let go of me. I forget what is behind and reach toward what is ahead. We must walk in a place of thoughtless dependence upon His sovereignty. We must cleanse our minds of doubt. The Lord goes with us and He enables us. Do not let any thought distract you from the sovereignty of God! The fruits of the Spirit are signs of regeneration. May Christ reign upon our hearts and be formed in us.
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