The Light Across the River

The Light Across the River (April 2008)
It's 1837 and the Rankin home continues to be a beacon of freedom along the Underground Railroad. Johnny, the seventh of the thirteen Rankin children, is eager to help his family in their fight for freedom, but his father and his older brother, Lowry, tell him he is too young to keep a secret as important as the Underground Railroad. Johnny knows he should keep his mouth shut, but he cares so much about what his family does that he can't keep quiet.

Unexpectedly, Johnny finds himself in a position to help a woman named Eliza escape to the North. Will he be able to help her to freedom, or will he let the wrong secret slip out at the wrong time? This intense and touching sequel to Across the Wide River offers another glimpse into a dark period of America's past, and profiles the courageous and godly people who helped bring slavery to an end.

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