9/11/2001 attacks: 15 years on.

Today marks the remembrance of the tragic event that took place in the USA 15 years ago today, the September 11th Attacks 2001 or 9/11 attacks 2001. Flight 11 and Flight 175 were hijacked by Muslim terrorists and flown into the world trade centre, killing altogether 132 passengers on board. Including David Angell the creator of the US sitcom "Frasier!"
Flight 93 was somewhat different, unlike the other two flights, the passengers of Flight 93 fought back and tried to recapture the plane from the hijackers, these included Todd Beamer (aged 32), Tom Burnett (aged 38), Mark Bingham (aged 31) and Jeremy Glick (aged 31), even though they succeeded in preventing the hijackers from reaching their target, they failed to save their own lives, the pilot "Ziad Jarrah" (aged 26) flew the plane straight into an empty field in Pennsylvania, USA whilst yelling "ALLAH AKBAR!!!.
No one survived, there were 37 passengers on board.
Can we please have a 2 minute silence to show respect for these fallen heroes and the other causalities as well, thank you and God bless you all in Jesus' name, Amen!

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