Austin Stone Worship - This Glorious Grace

I subscribe to a magazine called Worship Leader Magazine. I am not a worship leader myself, but I love worship music and I sing on worship teams. One of the cool things about the magazine is that it comes with a sampler CD of fresh non-mainstream songs. By artists you have probably never even heard of. But, they are every bit as good as the mainstream artists. I have discovered so many new artists that I really like. Subscribe to the magazine. It also contains lots of articles by people like Darlene Zschech, Matt Redman, Lincoln Brewster, Jeremy Camp, etc. There are lots of ads in the magazine, but they are actually pretty interesting and useful, unlike most ads. Lots of good technical info, too, for you techies (I am one of those.) Not cheap, $100/year, but maybe you could get together with a couple of other team members and split the cost. Well worth it.

Oh, the video. This is from Volume 127 of the SongDiscovery CD. By a group named Austin Stone Worship. I know nothing about them, other than the fact that they are very good. I usually superimpose the song lyrics over my videos, but I decided to omit them this time as unnecessary and probably distracting. But here are the lyrics:

This Glorious Grace | Austin Stone Worship
Words & Music: Aaron Ivey/ Brett Land/ Kyle Lent © 2014 Austin Stone Music (ASCAP)/ Bird & Minion Music (BMI) (adm by Austin Stone Music). All rights reserved.
As recorded by: Austin Stone Worship on This Glorious Grace (Live) ℗© 2015 Austin Stone Worshi

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