Today's Devotional

A Heart of Gratitude
When do you find it most difficult to maintain a posture of gratitude?

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This is a document of my fasting story.
Fasting is a Christian practice of not eating any food for a period of time. It is biblical and a very good thing. It has been reported to heal people of cancers and diseases; all kinds of sicknesses. It is a miracle working practice. Many doctors will say it is unhealthy for you when it does so much good for you. It cleanses the body of toxins and heals incurable diseases. If you get a knowledgable christian doctor, you can have a monitered fast. ***DO NOT fast without doing your research on how to do it safely. If you have a medical condition or are taking medication DO find a good christian doctor to advise you and monitor your fast! Fasting is not for the light hearted, but for those who truly seek God. Do not go into a fast blindly without good medical instruction or research! Blessings and miracles to you on your fast!

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