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Plod for God
What talents has God given you?

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How to Discover God's Plan for Your Life - 3 simple steps

Learn how to discover God's plan for your life with these 3 simple steps. God is at work in your life. He is working in you and working on you helping you to live out His plan for your life. In fact in the times you feel like God is no where around He does His best work. Even if you've wasted part of your life and wish you would have did things differently - God still has a plan for you. The first step to discover God's plan is realizing He has a plan. Don't spend time trying to make your own plan or trying to get God to bless your plan instead find His plan. His plans are already blessed. Watch this short video to get started on the road to God's destiny and purpose for you life in just 3 simple steps! Check out our website @ there's a ton of free resources for "breakthrough" in your life to experience the power of God.

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