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Have you received the freedom God has provided through the blood of His Son?

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Acts 2 Part 1

What happened exactly on the day of Pentecost? What is Pentecost and how does it relate to the Hebrew scriptures?

Come and join Mr. Michael Lewis as he shares what he has learned about Pentecost.

Teaching starts 2:13

God takes us from where we are to the point of knowing his son Jesus Christ 4:51

Passover was celebrated during the feast of tabernacles 10:00

When we believe and trust it is the Lord who energizes us 15:40

The meaning of the word diaspora 19:37

Pentecost was also called the feast of weeks 25:15

The wave offering or the feast of first fruits 30:50

Jesus's sense of humor 35:05

What those visiting from other counties heard the 12 speaking 39:16

What Joel described was during the time of Jacob's trouble 45:05

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