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Astounding God
How do you typically view God in your mind?

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Tetracurve Animation 2

Uploaded to Youtube on Dec 2, 2011 with the following description, (although I no longer have problems with movie maker, it was glitchy at the time):

Hopefully if I make enough of these little movies I'll be able to cobble it together and make a really good one with music. But windows movie maker is evil. Once again, the shapes used for this movie were carefully handcrafted from paper and white glue. To make nine stellated tetrahedra, or caltrops like you see here I make 567 cuts with the X-Acto knife; 270 folds in the paper; and glue 171 paper tabs, (except that I actually made nine models of the varying heights, which makes the animation much easier (you don't have to wait for the glue to dry between frames) because I wanted to glue those stacks together and make something bigger. Maybe I'll make a 'making of' or 'how to' video someday as well. Anyway, hope you enjoy this video!

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