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Living for Jesus
What are you thankful for as you consider what Jesus has done for you?

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Justin Bieber Discusses The Importance of Forgiveness

At nineteen, Justin Bieber has more Twitter followers than Carrie Underwood, Usher, or Justin Timberlake. Love him or hate him, he's an influencer among our youth who continue to make him one of the world's most successful entertainers. With the eyes of the media following his every move, we've seen him frustrated, angry, mobbed, and making decisions that have left many of us disappointed. What we don't see are the photographers who hound and push him trying to get that angry footage. We don't see the people and the organizations he has touched - the ways he has used his fame for good. And we don't see a young man who carries the livelihood of so many, from dancers to back-up singers to sound engineers on his shoulders. Imagine the pressure! Imagine having the world at your feet, but not being able to step outside for fear or being mobbed or set-up.

BELIEVE which opens on Christmas Day focuses on Justin Bieber and shows the struggles, the challenges, the good, and the bad of achieving so much at such a young age.

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