Dr Hansen on the Sderot-Gaza Strip with Israeli Defense Force

http://www.worldministries.org - Live roll-ins of: Dr. Hansen in a pasture between Sderot and Gaza with a shepherd boy and his flock - Dr. Hansen and Ye'shi Reinhardt in a Sderot-Gaza border pasture discussing the ongoing consequence of Israel not destroying
the Philistines when they were originally told to do so and how Israel supplies 90% of Gaza's electricity, yet the Muslims still try to kill the Israelis - Dr. Hansen and team visiting with IDF soldiers on watch patrol along the Sderot-Gaza borderand discussing
the reality of Muslim Gazans constantly trying to infiltrate Israel to kill Jews - Dr. Hansen at a Sderot traffic circle that has a large shofar (biblical trumpet) discussing the Feast of Trumpets-Atonement-Tabernacles and the return of Jesus Christ - Video
of: IDF in armed confrontation; Shosahanna, a traumatized war victim in Sderot; Sderot family that lost two disabled children due to severe dental disease - Photos of: Dr. Hansen with Arafat's former sniper and chauffeur.

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