Dr. Hansen in Sderot, Israel March 26-28, 2012 (Part 3)

http://www.worldministries.org - Dr. Hansen interviews Edna, a lady whose gums bleed when she brushes her teeth and has no money for dental care - George and Rina; George is in desperate need of surgical repair of teeth that have crowns with decay under them - Elena, a Ukrainian Jew; she has partial denture upper and lowers, but her remaining teeth are in danger of falling out - Sergi, who only has six lower teeth and needs a full upper denture and a partial lower - Roman, a Ukrainian Jew who relates the fear of rockets that often fall at night, causing uneasy sleep. His remaining teeth are severely worn and has a loose lower bridge - Dr. Hyodo gives a strong appeal for support of a dental clinic for Sderot - Video: "The Sound of Terror - 6 Rockets from Gaza Strike Ashdod"; "Grad Missile Hits Be'er Sheva"; Dr. Hansen in meeting with Assistant Mayor of Sderot, Mechal Amsalem; volunteers fill emergency supply boxes for Sderot bomb shelters.

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