Today's Devotional

Daily Devotional - Featuring Newsboys July 18, 2013 “Live With Abandon”
Think about your most significant accomplishment in life to date. The one thing you are most proud of that you’ve done, written, said, worked for.

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A Vessel of Mercy Ministry; Episode 10

Street Witnssing, the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

What happens when you die?Have you told lies, stolen, hated someone(just to name a few sins)?If yes, then you're a liar, thief, and a murderer at heart in the sight of God.When you die & be judged by God, you'll be guilty of sin, & go to Hell! But God sent His Son Jesus to shed His blood & die on a cross for your sins,He was buried & rose again from the dead on the third day.If you'll believe the Gospel(Jesus died for your sins,was buried & resurrected)you'll not perish & have eternal life

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