Today's Devotional

Plod for God
What talents has God given you?

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Song Called "Being Myself" Promotional Video for Lamor on her new album coming soon!

This is a promotional video for the song called "Being Myself" written and sung by Lamor on her upcoming album that will be out very soon. This is an inspirational song that lets you know you can be yourself and still have Jesus and be unique in your own way. Lamor has a Jesus clothing line that she is working on and will be coming out soon. She is working on a book in reference to people getting set free. Lamor's book titled "The Life of Lamoridon Faniel is available to purchase at Lamor has a mixtape coming out soon that she is working on currently and she is working on an original album that will be released soon called "Blessed and Highly Favored" so be looking forward to it. Its a great album like nothing you never heard before. Lamor Jesus Daughter t-shirts are available from her clothing line right now for purchase. Sizes are small to large. If you are interested you can contact her at [email protected] Lamor inspirational audios teachings will be coming soon

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