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Pray Like a Warrior // Matisyahu Cover (Live Like a Warrior) // Alternate Lyrics by Scott Ogden

First of all, no disrespect to Matisyahu, I think the original is great, but everytime I heard the chorus I kept thinking Pray LIke a Warrior, instead of Live Like a Warrior. So I changed the lyrics up a bit to go with the theme of being a Prayer warrior and the sleeping church.

It seems everyone is sleeping
there's slumber floatin in the air
just like kids who are dreaming
nobody really seems to care

where are the prayers
that fight the dark
we should smashing
the darkness apart
with words of hope, words of life
bringing salvation bringing the light
There's a war and we can't sit back
watching evil win on attack
so light the fire let it burn and ignite
wake up ye sleepers
cause it's time to fight

today today live for the Father
take the enemy down and throw him in the fire
in the fire, in the fire
pray like a warrior

seems like the battle we're losing
complacancy is everywhere
noone can see what we're doing
cause you're busy sitting in that chair

it's time to get up
it's time to fight back
we gotta bring the love in a swift fire attack
get out your swords
get on your knees
cry out to Hashem in this time of need

today, today....

your heart is so heavy, your eyes are too blind to see
the need that surrounds you, so get up and down on your knees
the battle is not with flesh and blood but with spirits and principalities
so lets go, let's go let's goooooo, let's go, let's go, let's goooooo

today, today, live for the Father......

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