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Actions Speak
What do your actions reveal about your character?

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Daddy is at the Wheel

Hello, our story today is titled…Dad is at the wheel. One day my wife and four year old daughter Johanne were headed towards Italy to visit some Christian brothers there. We had to drive for 3 days to get there. Our little girl had never travelled at night before and was very frightened. Outside, the deep darkness surprised her.
"Where are we going Daddy?"
"To the church of our brothers and sisters in Sicily, at the end of Italy"
"Do you know this church?"
"Do you know the road?"
"No…but we can use the map"
"Do you know how to read the map Daddy?"
"Yes, don't worry…we will arrive safely"
"Where shall we eat when we are hungry?"
"We might stop off at a restaurant"
"Do you know if there are restaurants on the way?"
"Yes there are"
"Do you know where?"
"No but we will find some"

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