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Streams of Mercy
What steps can you take to adopt God’s perspective on mercy?

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Man Gets Lost Driving to Ikea

Driving Without Direction. Have you ever wondered what your purpose on earth is? Have you been too prideful to admit that you could use some direction in life? Quit driving lost and pull over and ask for directions. Video produced for Pathway Community Church in Elmhurst, Illinois.

A short comedy skit about an employee who is asked to take on more responsibility at work, but tries desperately to convince his boss he's not ready.

This video was shown at Pathway Community Church in Elmhurst, Illinois to introduce a sermon on the topic of how God has not just called us to go out and make disciples of men, but that He's also prepared us in advance, to do so.

Written and Directed by: Michael Venetis
Cinematography: Julio Martinez
Editing: Julio Martinez

Cast: Michael Venetis
MIchelle Zier

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