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The Kingdom We Long For
What makes you most desperate for the fullness of God’s kingdom to arrive?

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Rees Howells - When Prayer Fails, Intercession Begins

Rees Howells - When Prayer Fails, Intercession Begins

Rees Howells reached the pinnacle of his life of intercession during World War II, when God transformed world events through prevailing prayer. ‘Praying through’ with Rees, was his son, Samuel Rees Howells. Nearing his death in 1950, Rees Howells turned to Samuel and said, “Whatever you do, stand and maintain these intercessions.” For the next fifty plus years, Samuel was faithful to this commission as he developed as an intercessor and man of faith.

As the new director of the Bible College of Wales, Samuel led more than one hundred intercessors who had been trained under Rees Howells, to intercede whenever gospel liberty was threatened. Beginning with prayer for revival around the world, especially in China, Samuel’s intercessory battles led him to bind the strong man during the Korean War to the Cuban Missile Crisis and from the Six-Day War to the fall of the Berlin Wall.