Today's Devotional

Looking Back
What steps can you take to help you remember what God has instructed?

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The sad state about this current Christian generation is that they believe that they are on their way to heaven while they are on the broad path to destruction. Christians today who are on this broad path of destruction really do think they are on the narrow way. Jesus said that broad is the way to destruction and that many are they who go by that way but narrow is the way to life and few are they who find that way. He said to strive you therefore to enter the narrow gate, for many will try but few will be able to. This world has been deceived into thinking that they can be on the broad path and be saved at the same time. These Christians on the broad path think that the narrow gate lies at the end of the broad path when that couldn't be further from the truth. They believe that they can continue living the ways of this broad path and still enter the kingdom of God. But I want to warn you today my friends, that the ways of the broad path are very evident and the ways that people follow in this world are what people do on the broad path. They follow the ways of this entertaining generation. They follow the ways of entertainment and of music and all these things and they think that they're on the narrow way. In their churches they bring in sports and drinking and song fun and dance yet they don't follow Jesus on the narrow way. He didn't say that was narrow and difficult and few people would find it for nothing! Now these churches think that they're on the narrow way too yet t

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