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Ashley Forbis and Radiance / The Song Radiant

Ashley Forbis and Radiance is a group of singers, songwriters, and instrumentalist from Louisville, Kentucky. They are a Christian group that has a very unique acoustic style, with a rustic pop edge.

They are worship leaders at Jeffersontown Baptist Church on a weekly basis. Their focus is leading worship not only for the church, but also through original songs that speak of the heart of Christian living. This is why their repertoire includes both new songs of their own composition, and modernized hymns.

Ashley Forbis is the main vocalist and song writer for the group.

Becca Neely is the prolific violinist, and a backup vocalist.

Cameron Beckerdite is the pianist, secondary vocalist, and musical director of the group.

We're all looking to be signed by a record label, that God may use our gifts, in combination with your gifts and resources to reach many with hope and truth.

Ashley Forbis and Radiance / The Song Radiant

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