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Streams of Mercy
What steps can you take to adopt God’s perspective on mercy?

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Threat of Worldwide Food Shortages

"...And, there will be food shortages..." Matthew 24:7rnGlobal food prices have risen dramatically, adding a new level of danger to the crisis of world hunger and starvation.rnIn diverse places, such as Haiti and Peru, prices are sky-rocketing causing hardship and fear.rnIn Africa, food riots have swept across the continent with recent protests in Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Mauritania and Senegal.rnIn most of West Africa the price of food has risen by 50 percent. In some countries such as Sierra Leone, they have risen 300 percent!rnCountries have begun banning the export of rice, including Egypt, out of concern for their own people's need.rnAdding to this, the entire rice production in one region of Australia has completely shut down due to drought. The water instead is being used to grow luxury crops, such as grapes for wine. This region just recently use to produce enough rice to feed 20 million people per day.rnEven in the United States there has been a 40 percent surge in prices for wheat, corn, rice and other cereals over the past six months. Also other food stuffs, such as cooking oil, have risen dramatically as well.rnWhile some assume that all Americans are well off; this simply isn't so. Many are struggling to feed themselves and their children.rnIn truth, one billion people on this planet are suffering from various degrees of outright starvation, to severe malnutrition. Another billion are suffering from severe financial hardship that, with these rapidly rising food prices, is quickly endangering their well being. The two groups together make up one third of the Earth's population.rnIt is true that some still live in luxury. However, that is exactly what was foretold in the Bible. While many would struggle to obtain just a loaf of bread (or equivalent food stuffs) each day...luxuries for the rich would not be harmed.rn"A days wages for a loaf of bread...but do not harm the olive oil or the wine."rnRevelation 6:6rnMay Yeshua/Je

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