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Reflections of Marriage
What’s the Holy Spirit’s role in a marriage between two believers?

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Gary Rea- Heaven Is Here Now

Guitar Tabs:
In Heaven there'll be perfect peace Em
There'll be joy in the streets and D
Every mouth will be singing your praise Am
There'll no sorrow at all
We will be free from every chain Em
and our bodies will be whole again D
And Your church will be one Am
Spotless beautiful bride C
For your Glory Am
We'll see Your Glory G
Heaven is Here now Am
Your Spirit is here now C
Lord we believe it, We've started to see it G
Your Kingdom come G
Lord come and Reign here Am
Come have Your way here C
Establish your rule, Come take the throne G
Your Kingdom come

Take all I am Lord use me for Your Glory
Take all I am Lord use me for Your Glory
I'm not my own
I belong to the King

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