He Gave It All

Take the time to ponder your life
And the One who gave you all
He gave it all for one so small
But you don’t thank Him at all
What means His life to You?
What means His death?
Have you stopped to thank today
The One who gives you every breath?
For He gave it all for one so small,
But do you thank Him at all?

Look around at all the stars
The ones ten million light years far
He made it all for you to see,
But, just for yourself, you keep the glory
The One who formed you in your mother’s womb
Who gave you grace
The One who says, “When I look at you,
I see Jesus’ face.”
He made the stars for you to see,
But you take all of the glory.

“Rest, My child,” He whispers now
In the stillness of your heart
“I died for you, I give you life
Of My family you are a part.
Live today in the freedom that I bring
Look in the face
All your burdens and the fears that you’ll fail
Instead, remember My grace
I chose you, child, in My sovereign will
Rest, beloved, be still.”

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