A Simple Prayer

A Simple Prayer
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Artist Comments:
Seeking Him first puts everything in the proper perspective, so when I consider all I desire, it's quite simple, "A Simple Prayer" is all I need.

A simple prayer of thankfulness and forgiveness is all we need, He will guide us to a closer walk with the Lord.

A Simple Prayer (Lyrics)
It seems to me, things are moving way too fast
I want to take some time and settle down
Make each moment last, with you
Hm mm, That's what I want to do

A simple prayer is all I need
I lift my hands in praise each day
Get down on my knees
To be with you, that's what I want to do

My Spirit calls out your name
Help me to remain, in your presence, Lord
Lead me day by day, help not to stray
I want nothing more than your word written on my heart

Your love each day, keep shining through
Capturing my thoughts, of you
Hm mm... That's what I want to do

My Spirit cry's out again
Take me as I am
I am not afraid
Living by your grace
Calling on your name
Never been ashamed

Of you, all that you do
The debt you paid, on Calvary
Shed your blood so I could be with you
Um, mm That's what I want to do

Hear my plea, guide me through each day
Where you lead I'll follow you
All the way to be with you
That's what I want to Um, mm That's what I want to do

© words & music Steven Childs Pennamen

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