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King of the Sunrise
How are you declaring the glory of God in your life?

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News Bulletin 27 January 2012 -- The Christian Institute

Home Secretary Theresa May has been challenged by Church leaders about why the Government wants to redefine marriage -- The Governor of the State of New Jersey has said Marriage is too important to be treated as a political football, and that any redefinition should be voted on by the people -- In an astonishing claim, American President Barack Obama has said that abortion can help daughters "fulfill their dreams" -- Private abortion clinics are set to be allowed to advertise in the UK on TV and radio -- Oxford Professor Roger Trigg has said in a new book that social priorities like 'equality' are trumping the right to religious freedom in court cases -- A couple in England who have been raising their child as 'gender neutral', have revealed that their five-year-old, Sasha, is a boy -- Independent MSP Margo MacDonald has launched a new attempt to legalise assisted suicide in Scotland -- And a new poll has revealed that 85% of Christians in Britain say that they are proud of the Queen.

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