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King of the Sunrise
How are you declaring the glory of God in your life?

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A Modern Day Prophecy From GOD! - Gnashing Children

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Thus says The Lord God: I have spoken, and sent My messengers before My face...

Yet this foolish people can in no wise see, nor are they able to hear! They refuse to look past My messengers, and willingly stop their ears from hearing, unable to recognize the voice of The Living God...
For what is the messenger to you, oh ignorant and vain peoples?... Why do you consider, so carefully, seeking to find fault with those I send? Why do you concern yourselves with those I choose? And why do you judge those through whom I speak?
And what is a prophet?... Is he not a man, My servant, whom I have chosen and called? And when does My servant become a prophet? And what is the length of time he remains as such?... Lo, he is only a prophet in that self-same moment, in which I speak to him and cause him to hear... Prophesying only as long as I cause him to speak or to write My words... I am The Lord.

For there is no prophecy apart from My will...