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The MESSAGE of The Age: The Bridegroom Approaches - JESUS IS COMING!

The MESSAGE of The Age: "The Bridegroom Approaches"

Hear The Word of God That He Has and Is Speaking To THIS Generation Through His Servants, The Prophets of The End of The Age @:


Thus says The Lord: I AM COME!...

From the depths of the earth, from below the foundations... From beyond time and space shall the sound of My voice come forth! I SHALL BE HEARD! I SHALL RESOUND LOUDLY!...
Even within the hearts of men shall My voice burst forth, rushing through their veins, causing each of their members to tingle... A great and wonderful shudder within their spirits, to the purging of their souls!...
For I sit higher than the tallest mountain! I am set above the highest heavens!... Set apart and holy, set apart in great glory.

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