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Crossing Cultural Divides
How can you cross cultural divides and engage with the strangers next door?

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Moon Landing Hoax Apollo 17 : Astronauts Ceiling Support Wires Get Tangled Up- Stagehands Fix it

Astronaut's Ceiling Support Wires Get Tangled Up- Ceiling Stagehands Try to Fix The Problem.Bob the CapCom at Houston is the only person that should be speaking directly to the Astronauts for communications. One of the Fake Moon Bay Stagehands speaks directly to Astronaut Jack, advising him to stay still while the ceiling stagehands untangle Jacks support cable wires above him. From above Astronaut Jack, a large shadow from the ceiling cable wires/device is seen crossing from the left in the background. Astronaut Gene lets Astronaut Jack know that the wires have been untangled and that Jack's communications antennae is standing back up again. The TV camera the whole time is facing downwards, and only starts to move upwards when Astronaut Gene says "Antennas up", then the TV camera suddenly stops when Astronaut Gene suddenly says, "wait a minute", then the TV camera starts to move up again when Gene gives the all clear by saying "In a snap a snap" The term 'snap' is used, for the connection between the ceiling support wires and the Astronaut's hidden body harness.The Fake Moon Bay Stagehand talking directly to Astronaut Jack says at :13 "They(Ceiling Stagehands) tell me they're both still in middle deep through it (trying to untangle the wire cables supporting Astronaut Jack) , rather you wait in line, OK?" Astronaut Jack replies "OK"At :18 and :26 a large shadow from the ceiling cable wires/device is seen crossing from the left in the background from above Astronaut Jack.Astronaut Gene speaking to Jack says at :22 "Stay there" Astronaut Jack replies "I think I'm trying too"Astronaut Gene says at :44 "Ok your antennas up....wait a minute,(the camera suddenly stops) a snap a snap"(all clear is given, and the TV camera starts to rise again, looking at Astronaut Jack)Astronaut Jack says at 1:07 "Pain to do that" Astronaut Gene replies "The guy(ceiling stagehand) c

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