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A Compassion Call for Haiti Disaster

Compassion Australia is encouraging Australian Christians to advocate and act on behalf of the thousands of Haitian children and their families now in desperate need of water, food and shelter after successive cyclones caused wide-spread destruction around the country.<br />
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The devastating cyclones sent wave after wave of torrential rain and wind across Haiti and its neighbours, causing mass widespread flooding and damage to roads and other infrastructure. So far more than 600 have been killed and over 650,000 left homeless with little access to food and clean water.<br />
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&acirc;��Haiti, the most impoverished nation in the Western Hemisphere, is the least able to cope with this devastation because of extreme poverty and a lack of infrastructure. In many areas what little infrastructure there was has now been destroyed along with homes, crops and livestock,&acirc;�� said CEO of Compassion Australia, Paul O&acirc;��Rourke.<br />
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Haitians are already suffering as a result of the global food crisis where escalating food prices are preventing hundreds of thousands of families from having enough food to feed their children. Now many have lost their homes, possessions and livelihoods, plunging this already impoverished nation, into further despair.<br />
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&acirc;��Natural disasters have no regard for persons or seasons and the people of Haiti need our immediate help,&acirc;�� said Paul O&acirc;��Rourke. &acirc;��Compassion is making every effort possible to assist those most affected by the destruction whilst helping to rebuild and restore homes, lives and c

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