Today's Devotional

Careful Living
What does “careful living” look like in your life?

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The Voice of Truth

I am in service to the Father and Christ as the Chosen One to bring forth the Truth to light. Together with my sisters of the Light of Life Ministry we have a very important message to deliver to all of mankind.

Note: If the video goes to fast for you to read everything in it, click PAUSE.

The hourglass is nearly empty. The culmination of End Times is upon us and the Great Tribulation is just around the corner. There are a total of TWO things that you need in order to obtain Eternal Life and Man-Made Religion is not one of them. (1) A Good Heart Condition. (2) An Acceptance of Christ as Lord and Savior.

We urge those who wish to obtain Eternal Life in Christ's Kingdom to view the following video as it contains an important eternal life saving message.

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