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For My King This Glass Shoe Fits

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to meet royalty? To look over in admiration as you watch her expressions and wonder what she will say? How delicate and effortless would her gestures be? What jewelry did she chose to adorn her fair silky skin with? Is the fragrance you smell rare myrh? <br />

<br />

I had this amazing dream that has changed my life and words poured into this woman's shattered heart. I had this dream shortly after my husband filed for divorce. It was a dream about a King who extended his scepter to me ...requesting that I come into his presence. Here I was in my own little corner in my own little place once again confronted with the void. Confronted with this empty room. Confronted with why I was alone and why I felt I could not move on. These walls that suggest home ...a quietness that was quick to remind me when I look through the veil of darkness my eyelids provide and listen to the stillness of this home ...the betrayal and neglect of a man and why I was left with my own thoughts. Why I was left with my own strength? Left to determine my reality that cannot be compared to the dreams I hold on tightly to... in the deepest part of me. I am locked away out of sight of anyone who would elevate me, who would defend me, who would rescue me. Sincerely and with the love my King has placed in me his daughter. The daughter of the King of Kings.<br />

<br />

I sat quietly with my eyes closed I entered into his chambers. He told me that the fragrance he poured over me and the garments that he clothed me with... even the mantle he places on me ... all of this is for a King. He told me because I was his daughter ... I am royalty. <br />

<br />

Little girls know about Cinderella -- about her breathtaking beauty, about Prince charming, about a magical destiny called Happily ever after. And inside every woman is a little girl who secretly aches for a fairy Godmother to wave

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