Audrey's Song

This is a tribute to my sister, Audrey Natalia. As you will notice, things started out fine for Audrey until at the age of 14 months she received the 3rd dose of the Salk Polio vacciantion. It destroyed her body beyond repair.
But it did not destroy her spirit nor did it destroy love, the love we had for her and that she had for us.
Love never dies, love goes on. So too will my sister go on and so too will we all.

Due to time constrictions with the music, I was not able to produce all of the words to "Audrey's Song" written by her Mother, P.I. Volkens. If anyone would like, I will be happy to print it here, happier still to have it put to use for any family who needs it.
It's been a long weekend and I am done!
OH! One more thing: Music. First song is called "Once upon a Time" released on the "September Songs" CD sung by ol' blue eyes.
The second song comes from the outstanding "Gods and Generals" soundtrack, this is track 7, "Go to their Graves like Beds."

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