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The Dangerous Culprit
In what areas of your life have you been struggling with temptation?

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Sermon: "Jesus: A Banner to the Nations," Part 1

Raiseing the flag on the island of Iwo Jima was a triumphant moment for the United States Marines as they prepared for an assault on mainland Japan. A cameraman snapped a picture of the moment, and the photo that resulted has become one of the enduring images of the second world war. The ancient Hebrew prophet Isaiah foresaw the coming of One who would place a banner in Zion that would attract people from around the world. A second "Exodus" would occur, and God's people would be liberated. Watch as Pastor MacLaren talks of this gathering of God's people in the church of the Lord Jesus Christ, a gathering that fulfills the prophets message and fills them with unmeasured joy. This sermon was preached at First Presbyterian Church (Orthodox Presbyterian) in Perkasie, PA, on July 12, 2009. For more about the church, go to

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