Dog Finds a State Quarter

Here my dog does one of his favorite tricks, finding a state quarter. It seems obvious at first that he is looking for the coin that the host of the show touches, but then you realize, the guy touches a whole bunch of coins! How then does he do it...can you guess? Hint: it is indeed based on scent work. Watch the whole video and then come back to read the answer below!

I am always humbled at the amazing ability of my dog to find such a small object with so little scent to distinguish it, and so many distracting scents on the other coins, on the carpet, etc. You'll see him sneeze a few times, that's to try and clear all the other scents from his nose! And he's so happy to do this, he loves using this ability of his, and showing off how smart he is, just to please me. Should I not be as happy and pleased to use my gifts to serve the Lord?

Now, how Taz does this. Actually, it's *my* scent he is trained to find! Dogs can find scent that is hours, even days old, so I just have them in my pocket backstage and put them in the box before I come out! So you never see me actually touch them. Always remember, things are not always as they might seem at first!

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