Today's Devotional

Intentional Defiance
Be encouraged by a God who is with you to discipline and lead you away from wrong turns.

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If anyone had good reason to hate, Trish did. Her first alcoholic father would fly off into a fit of rage and yank her out of bed by the ankles in the middle of the night for no reason and drag her across the floor to a hard chair and make her sit in it for hours, telling her she was no good and would never amount to anything.

Her second alcoholic step-father was just as bad. He would go off into rage and threaten to kill everyone in the house with his loaded gun. Trish and her brother constantly lived in fear for their lives. And all the while these tragic things kept happening in her life, hate began to grow inside her. Afterall, what had she ever done to deserve such hell on earth, she wondered.

And GOD? Well, if there was a God who CARED, how could He be allowing such a thing to be happening in the first place?

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