God's unclaimed Promises

Have you ever wondered why some people are in the church are serious about their walk with God but others tend to view right relationship with God through lackadaisical eyes? Or that some seem to think, feel, and operate in the mindset that no matter what they do they will get into heaven no matter what, or who they hurt along the way?

In Romans chapter 9 Paul begins to express how sorrowful he was because his brothers, the Israelites, did not partake in the true blessings of God and he begins to enlighten them to who are the true sons of God. As he said in verse 6 “For they are not all Israel, which are of Israel” detailing to Romans that your biological paternity is not enough to get you into heaven and since they had the wrong mentality towards God they did not partake in many of his blessings. We as today’s church need to lay aside the weight that so easily besets us and run our race with endurance.

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