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Making Plans
What plans are you working on today?

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CIVIL AIR PATROL - promotional video

The Civil Air Patrol is absolutely amazing!An auxilary of the Airforce, it trains it's members to have discipline, responsibility, professionalism, moral character, leadership skills and learn aerospace education.It's great for anyone who wants to be successful and get a head start in both the military and buisseness worlds.Whatever your planning on doing, the C.A.P. can help prepair you for life's challenges.Serve your community sate and nation.Earn a pilots liscence.Learn valueble life skills and find a part of you that you never knew excisted.Plus you get a cool uniform, so take it from me, a proud member of the C.A.P, that you will be very glad that you joined.I'ts ages 12 - 18 for the cadet program, and there's a senior program as well.Go to for more information.

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