To Touch the Heart of God: Orthodox Christian prayer life

Since Pentecost and the Book of Acts, the Orthodox Christian fathers and mothers of the Faith have experienced the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ in prayer. This video, with Judith Irene Matta, MTh, uses the desert fathers, who tell us how to approach our God, the King and Lord of all Creation. The "Who, When, How" of prayer comprises the first segment; the second is a discussion with Archbishop LAZAR, foremost Orthodox teacher in N. America, who deftly explains the importance of the conscience as the "prophetic voice" within our hearts, as we guard the mind from sinful thoughts. Mental illness is a virtual plague in our times, largely due to the inability to control and guard our thoughts. This video will give guidance in both. A Free video copy (DVD/VCR) copies are available from our website, along with many booklets and other information on prayer and our Orthodox life for those interested in the Ancient Faith. Presented by the Orthodox Christian Mission of San Luis Obispo, CA. Note about the adjective "Orthodox": Christ's followers who believed in the Nicene Creed (drawn from Holy Scripture and Apostolic witness) were called "Ortho-dox" ("Right-believing") since the First Council.

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