Overcoming Sin

The truth about OVERCOMING SIN has been replaced today with false gospel messages of LIVING GODS BEST, LIVING LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS, DESIGN YOUR LIFE, SOW YOUR DREAM SEED, FAST FROM NEGATIVE THOUGHTS, etc. Apostle JoAnne Cremer uncloaks these antichrist slogans as she brings an unparalleled and powerful teaching from 1 John 2 concerning the true definition and face of SIN and how to overcome it. Describing in depth on how Satan empowers and tempts humans to sin with SELF KNOWLEDGE, Apostle JoAnne assists the Church to understand the rhythm the soul follows as it instinctively FORMS SHIELDS FOR THE CONSCIENCE, even as Adam did in the garden. If you have struggled with guilt, condemnation, fear, anxiety, depression or confusion, this video will give you powerful answers to how you can be spiritually healed of these oppressions of the soul and spirit. Apostle JoAnne brings a strong distinctions for the Church to make the Great Transition back to the New Covenant pattern of faith as she teaches on the difference between forgiveness of sin and remission of sin, removing the penalty of sin versus removing the power of sin, a sin unto death and a sin not unto death, and how God has designed for us to overcome sin daily by the empowerment of grace, the knowledge of Christs truth and the washing of regeneration through the New Covenant priesthood activity of faith. While the LIFE COACHES burden the Church with KNOW YOURSELF and BE AN EXPERT ON YOURSELF teachings, true apostles of Christ are exposing this as sin and SATANS SEAT, and liberating the Church from these false gospels by teaching the holy New Covenant pattern for KNOWING GOD and BEING A SKILLED WORKMAN, SON, and PRIEST, one who is SEASONED with handling the power of grace for divine transformation and spiritual fruitbearing in the soul. Get off the journey. Join the New Covenant. Learn the Truth. Walk in the Power of Gods grace. Free training at www.apostles-center.com

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